Part assignments and playlist for Walk for Hunger

Here’s the play list with some possible part assignments. All of
this is open to discussion.

Note that you should keep the things that have fallen off the play
list for May, such as “April is in my mistress’ face”, and “Vive la
serpe” with your music, as we’ll be working on them after the

Please let me know if you don’t have the chance to print everything
before the first rehearsal you come to (I’m assuming Tuesday the 12
for everyone but Paul, and Tuesday the 19th for Paul). I’m quite
happy to print things for you, but not to take up rehearsal time
finding people music.

  • May music
    • Now is the month of maying: Cantus, Anne and
      Bonnie and Patricia; Altus, Laura; Quintus, Ishmael; Tenor, Barney; Bassus, Paul
      (voice and racket). Route is instrumental between verses two and
      three. We may also do a four-foot instrumental with cornetto (or
      possibly fiddle) on the bass and everyone else on recorders. Update: we rehearsed this with the viol on bass, so
      we’ll perform it that way.

    • God morrow, fair ladies of the may: Cantus, Anne on vocal, Bonnie on
      instrumental; Altus, Laura; Bassus, Ishmael. Route: Instrumental then
      vocal. Update: This and My love hath vowed
      will not be part of the 12:30 set. They may be included in the Morley
      set at 11:30. They will happen in the 1:45 set.
    • My love hath vowed she will forsake me: Bonnie on Bass all
      through; First verse: Anne solo on A section, all on B. Second verse:
      Laura solo on A section, all on B. Third verse: Ishmael solo on A
      section, all on B. Fourth verse: all. Instrumental accompaniments to be
    • Clear or cloudy: Cantus, Bonnie, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Anne;
      Tenor, Ishmael; Quintus, Barney; Bassus, Paul and Laura. Last year we did
      instrumental and then three verses vocal.
  • Drinking Songs
    • Rounds as necessary to fill in the time. Based on the April 5
      rehearsal, Cakes and Ale and Slaves are they that heap up mountains
      would both take some work and we may not have time for it. Otherwise,
      we can take suggestions, and even do different selections for the two
      sets. If we have time, we’ll work out some simple-minded
      orchestration; for instance, If I hold up a recorder, we all
      switch to recorders on the next time for one time through, etc.
    • Changeons propos

      Vocal: Cantus, Anne and Patricia; Tenor, Laura; Bassus, Paul,
      Barney, Ishmael.

      4-foot instrumental: Cantus, Bonnie; Tenor, Laura; Bassus, Ishmael

      8-foot instrumental: Cantus, Paul (cornetto); Tenor, Ishmael
      (fiddle); Bassus, Bonnie. Laura and Patricia may join the Cantus and

      The route will be 4-foot instrumental, French vocal, 8-foot
      instrumental, English vocal.
    • Vignons, vignons: Same as Changeons propos
    • Quand je bois: Same as Changeons propos
  • Swan songs
    • Silver Swan: Vocal — Cantus, Patricia and Paul; Quintus, Anne and
      Laura; Altus,
      Ishmael; Tenor, Barney; Bassus, Bonnie.

      Route: vocal, instrumental, vocal.
    • Me, me and none but me: Cantus, Anne and Patricia; Altus, Laura;
      Tenor, Ishmael and Barney; Bassus, Paul and Bonnie.

      Route: Instrumental, two verses vocal.
    • Il Bianco e dolce cigno: Part assignments, same as Me, me and none
      but me.

      Route: Instrumental, vocal. Paul should play soprano recorder on
      the instrumental, so that there will be a top-line instrument at the
      4-foot pitch the second line is going to be at.
      Update: We decided it sounds ok with the cornetto on top, so Paul
      should use his own judgement about which to play.

  • Babylon songs
    • Babylon Streams: Cantus, Anne, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Laura; Tenor,
      Ishmael; Bassus, Barney and Bonnie. Route: Instrumental, two verses vocal.
    • Estans assis: Cantus, Bonnie, Patricia and Paul; Altus, Anne and Barney on the
      instrumental; Tenor, Ishmael and Barney on the vocal; Bassus, Laura.
      Route: instrumental, vocal. Ishmael will
      intone the opening phrase solo.
    • Watertown: Soprano, Anne, Patricia and Paul; Alto, Laura; Tenor, Ishmael;
      Bass, Bonnie and Barney.

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