[cantabile] Meeting Announcement

Then next meeting of the Cantabile Renaissance Band will be on
Tuesday, May 3, at 7:45 PM and my place.

We resume our regularly scheduled drop-in group at this meeting.
Come if you can even if you don’t feel like performing on any
particular date, or know whether you ever want to come again, or aren’t able
to make it on time.

Many thanks to those who performed yesterday at the Walk for
Hunger. The weather made it more of a challenge than usual, but I
think we made some good music anyway.


We have lots of things we can play tomorrow, and we’ll work on what
the people who come want to do.

  • We can continue chugging through the Dowland Passionate Pilgrim.
    We bogged down on those very difficult three-part ones, but my guess
    is that the four-part ones after that are only normally difficult.
  • John Tyson brought a drinking round from Ravenscroft to the last
    recorder society meeting; we can do that.
  • There were some things that fell off the Walk for Hunger program
    because of lack of time, and it would be good to work them up so that
    they could be on future programs.

    • Vive la Serpe
    • The Vecchi Il Bianco e dolce Cigno
    • A couple of drinking rounds
  • If anyone wants to bring something completely different, that has
    nothing to do with anything we’ve worked on before, that might be fun.

Email contact

My DSL line is down; at the moment the ball is in the phone
company’s court, and they claim to have a 24-hour response time,
starting this morning. I have managed to get dialup email access, but
it isn’t going to be as easy as usual, so if there’s something you
really need to reach me about, you might want to phone as well.
(Since I’ll be on dialup for the email, that won’t be as easy as
usual, either, but the voice mail should work.)

Also, until the DSL line is working again, anything you need to get
off of serpent.laymusic.org is going to be inaccessible.

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