[cantabile] Report on the September 21 meeting

We played:

  • Greensleeves to a ground
  • Drinking songs
    • Quand je Bois
    • Changeons propos
    • Vignons vignons
    • Vive la serpe
    • Slaves are they that heap up mountains
    • Cakes and ale
  • Daphne
  • Fair Phyllis
  • There was a time when silly bees could speak
  • He that will an alehouse keep


Next week (September 27) will still be a dropin meeting; after that
it will be performers only until after November 18.


We’re committed to doing Greensleeves; I thought the Greensleeves
to a ground sounded pretty good; maybe we could mix it with Anne
singing a verse or two to the ground, and with the Charleton duet
arrangement for two recorders.

The consensus was that we should look for some more Playford, not
necessarily vocal. Newcastle and “A maid peeped out of her window”
were mentioned.

People have reservations about a Babylon set in this context.

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