Report on April 18 meeting

Report on April 18 meeting

[cantabile] Report on April 18 meeting

It was a pity this one happened while we were preparing for a gig.
The power was off for over half the rehearsal time, and it would
have been fun to just do stuff we could do without music and
forget about trying to read dots on paper, or to see if we could
do the Dowland facsimiles around a table with candles. But we
had to light candles and stick to our planned music.

We played:

  • Millennium
  • All in a Garden Green
  • Can she excuse my wrongs
  • O sweet wood
  • His Golden Locks
  • Now is the month of Maying


The next two meetings are limited to and compulsory for the people
playing the Walk for Hunger. Our regular drop-in meetings
resume on Tuesday, May 9.

If you are coming to the meetings, please arrive on time and with
your music in order. We’re attempting to rehearse and hour of
music in a two and a quarter hour of rehearsal time. If it were
all solid and only needed running through, this would still need
as much rehearsal time as we could get. Since some of it is
unfamiliar to everyone, and some of it Paul hasn’t seen at all,
we really need everyone to be there for the whole time.

Last year, I got tired of repeating the whole playlist and part
assignments in the blog
every time we made a minor change. So this year I’m using a
non-linear blogging software called tiddlywiki. The tiddleywiki
for this gig is here.
I’ll be mailing a view of it to the participants for their
review soon.

Laura Conrad

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