New pieces up

Finally getting started on the backlog of everything I and my friends have been transcribing the last few months

There’s a new Thomas Campian, Fain would I love a fair young man

A recorder playing friend who was playing with a lute player emailed me asking where he could get a copy, and I said he could borrow my facsimile, or he could wait until I transcribed it, and it turned out to be pretty easy to transcribe, so I did it before he could come borrow the facsimile.

Also, Bonnie Rogers is continuing to transcribe the Orlando Gibbons madrigals from his 1612 publication of The First Set of Madrigals and Mottets of 5 Parts. The latest one is Now each flowery bank of May, in both the original key
and transposed down a third to F# minor.

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