Report on the September 5 meeting

The next meeting of the Cantabile Renaissance Band will be on Tuesday, September 12, at 7:45 PM at “my place”:

I believe people decided not to meet on Tuesday, September 19, when I won’t be there for most of the meeting, because I’ll be Clerk at Ward 10 Precinct 3 in Cambridge.

h3. Last meeting

We played:

* Charlton arrangements:
** ??A-Roving??
** ??Pescator dell’Onda??
** ??A Policeman’s Lot?? (both 5 part and 3 part)
* Senfl, ??Wohl kumbt der Mai??
* Gabrielli
** ??Canzon prima?? 1615 for five instruments
** ??Canzon II??
* Dowland ??His golden locks??

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