A bit miscellaneous this week.

A couple of weeks ago the “Cantabile Renaissance Band”: ran through 5 tenor lieder by Ludwig Senfl [1]. “Wohl kumbt der Mai II”: is the one we liked best, so I transcribed it. Expect it to be on the program for next year’s Walk for Hunger.

“The new Gabrielli we’ve been learning”: is in a key that puts the top lines out of the range of my brass playing, and pretty high up for anyone. There’s some evidence that they actually played things like that down a fourth, so I “transposed it that way.”: It probably isn’t an improvement for recorders, since the Alto part goes too low for an alto recorder, and the Tenor part goes pretty low for a tenor recorder. And recorder players who can handle the ornamentation in the top lines can play up to high B with no problem. But brass player’s lips will thank me.

I’m working on learning a Marcello sonata for recorder, whose last movement is similar to the Italian song “Danza, danza fanciulla gentile”: If I were to perform it, I’d want to also include the song, which is by “Francesco Durante”:, who was acontemporary of Marcello. Also, I was puzzled by the phrasing my “recorder teacher”:” wanted me to use. So I’ve transcribed it, and transposed it into a less remote key.

fn1. London Pro Musica EML 295

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