Report on the October 23 meeting

We played:

  • Gervaise, Dix Bransles Gais
  • Willaert, Ricercar X
  • Sermisy, Je ne mange point de porc
  • Mundy, My prime of youth
  • Rounds:
    • Judith and Holifernes
    • Let us drink and be merry
    • He that will an Alehouse keep
    • He that drinks is immortal
    • To Portsmouth


We will be having our regularly scheduled drop-in rehearsals on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

An exception is Tuesday, November 6, which is election day. I will be working as Clerk of Precinct 10-3 in Cambridge, so I can’t run a rehearsal. We will discuss whether people want to have one anyway at the rehearsal tomorrow, October 30. If you want to host or attend one on November 6, but can’t make October 30, let me know.

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