Report on the March 24 meeting

We played:

  • Barnes, English Country Dance, various.
  • Byrd:
    • Lord, in thy rage rebuke me not
    • I have been young
  • Weelkes, Strike it up, tabor
  • Ravenscroft, Ut, re, mi, fa
  • Ravenscroft, As I me walked in a May morning
  • Purcell, Cakes and Ale


Next week is probably the last regular dropin meeting until
after the Walk for Hunger, so if you like coming and sight
reading, or you have particular stuff you want to play or sing,
that’s your chance. The usual time (7:45 PM) and place.

I also need to know by then whether you want to play the Walk for Hunger on May 3.
So far, we have me, Sue, Anne, and Ishmael, and we could use a
couple more. It’s a great opportunity. Often the first Sunday
in May is one of the first really good Spring days, and you get to
be outdoors in it at a beautiful spot on the banks of the Charles
River with tens of thousands of people walking by. There are
opportunities for solos and duets as well as for our usual

I also try to find a group the doesn’t intersect with ours that
can play a couple of sets so that we can take breaks and go to the
bathroom and such. If you have or know such a group, let me

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