Additions, March 25, plus some catchup

I am a reformed character, and am trying to put things up as I
transcribe them. So this is what I did yesterday for the Cantabile
rehearsal. I don’t think it will be hard once we
know it, but it wasn’t an easy sightread.

I still owe you some stuff that I transcribed last year when I
wasn’t in the right Zen State for fixing baroque upload
procedures. So here are some Baroque sonatas. I haven’t been
transcribing Baroque sonatas, since there are good editions out
of most of what I play, and I can’t really add much value. But
it’s definitely better to have it electronically for
transposing, which I had to do last Fall because of having to
play with a keyboard at 392. And it turns out to be easier to
get copies to a continuo player at a distance, too.

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