Curried Bok Choy with tofu, tomatoes and coconut milk

I had friends over to watch the World Baseball Classic final
last Monday, and made enough of this to also be the soup of the
week after the Cantabile
rehearsal on Tuesday.

It’s a recipe I got out of Mark Bittman’s How
to Cook Everything Vegetarian.
He calls for peas as the main
vegetable, but I’ve used it pretty frequently and find it works
pretty well with any green vegetable with some flavor to it. I
think I first did it with kale, and have done it with Swiss
chard, and maybe spinach.

The green vegetable that said, “Buy me,” at Whole Foods Market on
Monday was Bok Choy, so I used that.

I took three onions and a can of plum tomatoes. The recipe says
to chop them in a food processor, but I decided to try the Cuisinart
Smart Stick Hand Blender
. This would have worked fine for the
tomatoes, but was a bit small for the onions. You can just chop
them any way you normally chop tomatoes.

You simmer the tomatoes and onions for a while and then add a
can of coconut milk and the vegetable and seasonings and cubed

For seasonings, I just used Garam Masala and salt, but you can
add other things if you like. I sometimes add some star anise.

With a vegetable like Bok Choy, I add the stems first and the
leaves later. In this case, I had everything simmering except
the leaves and tofu before my recorder lesson at 8, and then
when the lesson was over at 9 I added the leaves and tofu and
started making rice. We ate when the rice was done.

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