I have a dentist appointment this morning, so this is from the
spindle, scheduled yesterday.

I haven’t read the book recently enough to review it, but I saw
the movie from Netflix Saturday night, and enjoyed it more than I

Of course, I might have gotten madder at it if I was more
current with the book, but the movie seemed to include everything
I remembered vividly from the book. I remember the little sister
as being more important, but that might have been from the
sequels. (I think I read two sequels and then gave up. It’s not
a book that really benefited from sequels.)

The special effects are of course not done the same way they
would be now, and I don’t think there were any computer
programmers credited. But that made the movie look more
artistic. I remember being really excited when there were lots of
computer programmers with credits on the first Lord
of the Rings
movie, but really the computer programming
doesn’t add as much as one would hope to movies, and can get
really boring if it’s the only thing you do, as in the more recent

There were some problems with the pacing of the movie — it
started a bit slow. And for all the brand-name actors (Kyle
MacLachlan, José Ferrer, Dean Stockwell, Brad Dourif,
Sting, Kenneth McMillan, Patrick Stewart, Sean Young, and Linda
Hunt), there wasn’t really that much impressive acting. But if
you want the Roman Empire translated into space opera, I don’t
think there’s much better than this out there.

The scene for Sting fans would have been even more artistic if
they’d left it nude, but the studio decided at the last minute
they didn’t want to deal with nude, so he’s wearing a g-string. But
the top half looks good enough you don’t really need the rest.


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