It’s too nice a day to spend all morning at the computer, so I took
the camera and the pruning shears out to the back yard, and I’ll
show you what’s going on:

The rhubarb is coming up nicely, but there’s something eating
it already.

[rhubarb leaf with insect holes]

There’s a pansy from the pot that someone brought to Bonnie’s room at the hospice last year about this time.

<img src="; width=500

The woodruff is coming up nicely, and even has some buds.


One of the two lavender bushes I transplanted from Bonnie’s
place has survived, although it’s a little scruffy. I pruned some
of the dead branches off it, and pulled up the dead one. It was
pretty dead even before I moved it, so I’m not surprised it didn’t


The Angelica plant I brought from Bonnie’s garden looks


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