Following up


Yesterday I forgot to include a picture of the sedge, which doesn’t wither in the Winter, and this year is
blooming in the Spring.

<img src="; width=500


I took it easy this year — no trying to play fast dance music
I don’t know or to figure out how to fit serpent into music I
don’t know and the people who do know it don’t know the

As I said on Sunday, I sang the Shape Note
singing, and then played serpent for the West Gallery

Then I had lunch, and the Cantabile
members who are performing at the Walk for Hunger got
together outside and ran some of our stuff.

Then I caught the tail end of a singers’ workshop, taught by
Jerry Epstein. He really made a surprising amount of
difference to the performers he coached in only a few
minutes. He’s doing a two day version of it for the Folk Song Society
of New York
in May.

Then I went and sang along on gospel songs and spirituals, and then had a nice conversation about the serpent with some shape note singers fom Minnesota and then I went home.

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