Report on the June 16 meeting

We played:


We’ll be meeting as a dropin group for the next few weeks, at
7:45 PM every Tuesday, at my place.

We probably won’t meet on Tuesday, August 11, so that we can go
play with Francis Rhodes and the West Gallery Quire.


Remember that we’re having a party on this Sunday, June 21,
starting at 4 PM. Invitations are
here; invite anyone you think would enjoy it.

If the weather is decent, we’ll be out in the back yard with
the grill going, so if you want to bring something to grill, feel
free, or bring a side dish or dessert.

New Site

I’m making a fair amount of progress on the new site design.
If you’ve been going to to download music,
you should now be going to
for that. Please change any bookmarks or links. will
continue to be the site for groups such as this one and The West Gallery Quire,
and for my

AOL users

If you get your email from AOL, you probably haven’t been
getting these emails for a while. Please read my blog entry
about why not to use AOL for an explanation of why this happened,
and what I did to get it to stop. If you have another address, I
recommend that you use it for this list. If the emails stop, and
you want to read them, most of what’s in the emails is also posted
in the blog.

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