Age of consent

I was feeling uninspired, because what I’ve been thinking about
is the site, and even if you’re technical, you don’t want to know
the details of how I’m setting up the database queries to list the
most popular downloads.

So I decided to look at the movies I’ve seen in the last year
or so and rated 4 stars on Netflix.

I watched Age
of Consent
in February, shortly before I started this blogging
every day routine, and I recommend it highly.

I think I got it because it was Helen Mirren’s first movie
role. It also has James Mason at the height of his career. And
there’s gorgeous underwater photography of the Great Barrier Reef,
which you couldn’t take today because it doesn’t look like that
any more.

I’m not sure it says anything very useful about how artistic
inspiration happens, but you can’t have everything.

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