Lilypond vs. Petrucci, round 3

After my last
on the subject of trying to get Petrucci-like spacing out
of lilypond, someone came up with a conceptually simpler way to
get equal spacing — just tell lily to treat all the notes as if
they were quarter notes. It isn’t automated yet. For each note,
you have to tell both the value to print and the fraction of the
note value to use for
spacing, and you effectively have to put the line breaks in by hand, but it really does look a lot more the way Petrucci did
it, and less like a nineteenth century engraver who thought a
breve was a large note value instead of a short one.

So here’s what the tenor part looks like now:

[lilypond equal-spaced output]

And to remind you, here’s the facsimile:

[petrucci's version]

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