Family history

My mother and sister are leaving today for a trip to Poland.
They’ll be seeing some of the surviving relatives, and visiting
the town my mother was born in to see if the house she lived in
until she was 4 is still there.

So my sister is trying to collect the information we have about
our Polish connections. She made me scan in the family tree that
my parents wrote into the Bible they gave me for my sixth
birthday. And she’s been transcribing my grandmother’s

[Laura's family tree]

We were remembering stories that my grandmother
told us but didn’t put into the autobiography, that should be
put in as footnotes.

For instance, she says about how she met my grandfather:

I met your father, when I came from school in Warsaw 1910 for summer
vacation. He was three years older than I. He finished a “Handboroks”
bussiness school in Włocławek and he was looking for a job. He
answered the add in the newspaper that in Czarnožybi they need a
bookkeeper. Czarnožybi was a large estate owned by Count Zakuski, they
had a large distillery, where they were making alkohal from potatoes
and also were selling lot of grains. They accepted him and he had a
job. They had a special building to house the employees, and he had a
room there. On Sunday in June I went with my parents to church. Inside
was very crowded, the benches were outside in church yard and we sit
there. I noticed a young student still in school uniform coming close
to us, he came with other man, who was working with him. He knew us
and introduced your father to me and my parents. From that day he was
coming quite often to my parents house and always brought me few
roses. Count Załuski had a large mansion and park with beautiful
flowers. He picked them there.

The part of the story my mother remembers that isn’t there is
that the first time he came to visit my great-grandmother said
(probably very loudly), “How small he is!” My mother thinks
that was why he never really liked his mother-in-law.

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