It’s going to be a long two weeks

The family friend (Jan) who drove my mother and sister to the airport
dropped their dog (Monte) off at my place last night.

Monte’s first idea was that Jan had taken him away from his
mommy (Judy) and he could just bring him back. His next idea was
that he would just wait in the hall by the front door until Judy
came back for him.

[monte waiting by front door]

When I took them both for a walk before bedtime, Monte stopped
to do business, and it was diarrhea, and Sunny started to throw

By bedtime, Monte had decided it made more sense to sit and
look out the window to see if Judy was coming for him. So just as
I was getting to sleep, he decided it was his duty as a watchdog
to tell everybody very loudly what was going on on the street in
front of my house. He normally lives in a single family house on
a quiet residential street, so living in an apartment building on
a busy street in Cambridge is new to him.

When Sunny got up this morning and went downstairs, Monte
growled at him and Sunny came back up.

When I got up, Monte had done both kinds of business on the
kitchen floor.

When I tried to give them a walk, Monte refused to budge, so I
took Sunny on his normal morning walk, then put Monte’s leash on and
dragged him across the street to do his business.

After breakfast, I tried putting some of the stuff they use for
Monte’s dermatological problems on him, and he decided waiting by
the front door was the right idea again. (The dermatological
problems predate his coming to live with the Conrad’s. We haven’t
found a solution yet.)

You might get lots of dog pictures for the next couple of weeks. Here are the two
I took this morning.

[sunny waiting at top of stairs]

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