News from the Farm Share

It looks like I can get an extra half-bushel of cucumbers just
by asking for it. I’ve really enjoyed the ones I’ve been
getting the last two weeks, and had no trouble using up the two
I got two weeks ago, and have only 2 left from the 6 I got last
week, but I’m not sure what I’d do with a half-bushel.

So I’ve emailed all the people I see regularly to see if they
want to help out, and I’m planning to look up pickle recipes. I
always assumed that I’d end up doing some pickling if I were
getting a box of vegetables every week during the summer. I
only have one refrigerator, so it isn’t that much different from
people who lived before refrigeration getting fruits and
vegetables all summer and needing to can and pickle to have any
at all in the winter.

The bad news is that the Late Blight
has started to hit the tomatoes on the farm, so there will be no
tomatoes and fewer (or smaller) potatoes than expected. With the
potatoes, they kill the vines and harvest what’s underground.
So they would have expected them to continue growing all through
August and into September and maybe even October, but what’s there
now is what there’s going to be.

One of my mother’s cookbooks (maybe the Settlement
Cook Book
?) had a recipe for Green Tomato Mincemeat that I
always wanted to try. Maybe I can get free green tomatoes and
make up jars of that and have free pies for Thanksgiving?

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