Performing schedule

The Fall schedule in general is starting to fill up, and there are
several performance-like items on it:

  • As usual, I’ll be playing serpent at the West Gallery Quire
    meetings. The next one has
    special leaders and some new songs
    , and will be this Sunday,
    October 11. There will also be meetings on November 8 and
    December 13, and a Pub Sing on December 6. These are the best opportunities I know of to sing with a serpent playing for at least a few hundred miles.
  • I’m also planning to play recorder and serpent at the
    Harvard Square English Country Dance Open Band night on Friday,
    October 23. If you want to play, too, the rehearsal will start
    at 6:15, and if you just want to dance, it starts at 7:30. It’s
    at the Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church, 1555 Mass Ave.,
  • On October 25, the Boston Wort
    will hold their annual Ciderfest.
    Some years I’ve organized some of my playing friends to come
    play with me. That doesn’t seem to be happening this year, but
    I usually stop drinking at least an hour before I drive home,
    and often play quite a bit of recorder music then.
  • A few of the more experienced members of The Cantabile
    will be doing a concert for the Never too
    group at the Boston Public Library. That’s the event
    that needs the Wiki.

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