Progress report on the website move

I assume you’re a little less bored by this topic than I am,
since you haven’t been trying to force yourself to spend time on
it every day.

To summarize: I split off the music publishing last June; I
have to move the DNS to a different ISP by next week; and I’m
trying to modernize and redesign the laymusic site.

The Serpent
site is making progress. I moved the
best article
to the new site over the weekend. I have most
of the book information moved. What’s left is one other
article, a book that never made it into the database, and a bit
of miscellaneous stuff.

I think I know roughly how I’m going to do the DNS move, but
it’s always nerve-wracking, especially since is
where I get my mail. I’ll probably do it soon after I finish
the serpentpublications split, so that I won’t have to be moving
things between and after the
move, although I will still be moving things from the html part
of to the blog.

I’m doing very badly indeed on moving things from the html into
the blog, and may in fact just decide just to leave all the old
stuff, and just make new pages instead of editing the old

I’ll try to write about more interesting topics later in the
week, when all the new
are arriving. The other topic I thought seriously
about for this morning was the end of the Red Sox baseball
season, but that was even more depressing than how little I’ve
managed to accomplish on the site move.

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