More on squash pudding

I’m roasting squash so that I can make a squash
Squash is one of the things I get a lot of from my
farm share. I’m going
to try baking it in mini-muffin tins with paper cups, to make it a
bit more like finger food.

I have to bring something to a friend’s house this afternoon.
She’s been having surgery and other therapy for cancer, so she
hasn’t been getting to all the singing events that are normally a
big part of her life, so she’s invited people over. She says:

George and I will provide
beverages; we’d be very happy if you would bring snacks. (Bear in mind
that because of my condition this will be an abbreviated event, so
don’t bring anything elaborate. We just need something to munch on.)

Unfortunately, except for carrots, the farm share hasn’t been
giving me much finger food. It was better in the summer, with
cucumbers and green beans. I thought about squash muffins, but
I’ve really been enjoying the pudding, so I wanted to make

I figure if I bring plastic spoons the individual squash
puddings in the muffin cups won’t be very much more trouble than muffins.

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