Report on the October 20, 2009 meeting

We played:


We will be having our usual dropin meeting next Tuesday at
7:45 PM at my

There is some interest in having a meeting on Tuesday, November
3, at Stuart’s place in Somerville. Let me or Stuart know if you
want to do that, since we’ll have to move some music to his place,
and we’ll move a better selection if we know who’s coming.

December 8 and January 19 also have elections, so we will
either not meet or meet elsewhere those dates.

We may also miss one or two more meetings in December. We’ll
make up for it by having a party. It looks like the best day for
that is Sunday, December 20, but if this is a terrible day for too
many people we’ll look at other days. So let me know if you want
to come to the party and that’s a bad day.

Other events

The group (me, Anne and Ishmael) that performed last Spring at
the Walk
for Hunger
will be playing a short concert on Thursday,
December 17 at 2 PM in the Rabb Lecture Hall at the Boston Public

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