Last post about setting up the new home theater

Not that I mightn’t complain about the new home theater, but I
now consider it set up, so future posts will be about interface
inadequacy or something.

I decided to stop plugging things in and out until the new DVI
cables arrived, and set up the disk player with a regular stereo
connection, and used the TOSLink cable to link the cable box to
the receiver.

This morning all the HDMI cables arrived, and it turns out that
even with all the equipment in front of me and turned around so I
could see the back, I had ordered the wrong cables.

Cable TV

I could have sworn I saw an HDMI socket on the back of the
cable box, but it isn’t there now. So I have connected the cable
box with the composite video cables and the TOSLink audio to the
receiver. This is on AV1, which is the input that’s selected when
you push the “TV” button on the receiver.

Broadcast TV

I don’t currently watch this much, but if I were to downgrade
my cable, or if there were a really good audio program on one of
the broadcast channels that’s not in HD on the cable box, I would
like the option of watching via broadcast. Right now that audio
isn’t hooked up, so I can only listen through the TV speakers; if
I get another TOSLink cable I’ll be able to hook that to the
receiver and listen to it from whatever other input has the
digital audio connection.


The new Blu-Ray DVD player with the network connection was a
pain in the neck when I didn’t have the two HDMI cables, but “just
works” when you’ve connected it via HDMI to the receiver. I don’t
have a Blu-Ray disk to test, but the surround sound was working
fine with the DVD I played.


This I haven’t tested, but it’s hooked up to the receiver via a
DVI-HDMI cable and a regular stereo audio cable. I don’t know how
much I’ll be using this for, since the DVD player will play
netflix watch now and youtube (untested). The firewire cable I
ordered turns out to be the wrong kind, so I can’t test what
channels the cable box is putting out on firewire.

Not really done yet

So I still have to buy some more cables, and set up the fancy
remote control to know about the new equipment, and tell netflix
to send me blu-ray disks and run the program that sets up the
receiver based on putting a microphone in your listening
location. But it’s definitely ready to start giving demos.

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