Julie and Julia (the book)

So far I’ve only read the book;
I’ll probably tell you more when the movie comes out on DVD and I
see it next month or so.

I enjoyed it. When I realized how big a pain reading the PDF
from the library was
, I decided that if it wasn’t finished
by the time it expired, with just reading it on the laptop at
lunchtime, I would take the hardcover out of the library. But
then I saw that Fictionwise had a 100%
rebate on it, so I bought it from there.

100% rebates aren’t quite the same thing as getting something
for free. It’s their way of getting people to sometimes send
them money even if they’re mostly shopping on micropay rebates.
So you shouldn’t get the 100% rebate if you aren’t going to use
it to buy something you really want, but if there are several books on your wishlist that
you’re intending to give them money for, you might as well give
them money for something else, and then get the books you really
want for free. So I finished Julie and Julia in the comfort of my normal
reading device.

I discussed it with a friend who
said she’d enjoyed it, but she had several friends who hadn’t
because of the liberal use of the f-word. This could be another
post, but the conclusion of the other post would be that I don’t believe in judging people because of
their use of that diction, but I don’t use it because I’m aware
that there are a lot of people who do.

In any case, it was fun to read about someone tackling all
those recipes hardly anyone does these days. She finishes with
the Pâté de Canard en Croûte,
where you bone the duck and stuff it with pâté and
then bake it inside of a pastry shell. Most food writers
wouldn’t describe their hysterical weeping fits when the pastry
went straight from a too-dry heap to a buttery puddle.

The other impressive thing was actually doing it at all. I’ve
been feeling heroic for just getting a blog entry out there
every day, when I don’t even have a job or a commute. She not
only did a blog post in the morning before work, but put
together a shopping list, then shopped on the way home and
cooked after that. She got some help on the shopping and
cooking from her husband and friends, but really it was a pretty
heroic effort.

I thought that the book was a little long for the
material, but of course that may well make it a better


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