Thanksgiving Planning

I’m expecting 8 or 9 people at my place for Thanksgiving
dinner. I do Thanksgiving every year for my family and whatever friends
don’t get to their families and want to come.

I have a schedule worked out where I go buy the turkey on Wednesday
afternoon so it only has to take up refrigerator space for less
than 24 hours, until it goes in the oven on Thursday.

I was freaking out a little when I realized yesterday that the
farm share vegetables are right now taking up the space that I
would normally put the turkey in.

I evolved a plan while walking the dog this morning where the people who are coming on Tuesday for the Cantabile Band
would all take some of the vegetables home and
come back on Thursday afternoon with side dishes.

I may still do that, but when I looked at the vegetables I
realized that a lot of them are beets, which I’ve been getting
all summer and fall, but not using because they’ll still be good
for Borscht in the winter. They’re going to last until winter
because they’re in the refrigerator, but it won’t hurt them to
be out of the refrigerator for a day or two. But if you want to
come to Thanksgiving dinner and cook a beet side dish, you’re welcome.

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