Report on the January 19, 2010, meeting

We played:


The good news is that we’ll be repeating the program we played
last month at the Boston Public Library on Saturday, January 30,
at 1:30 PM
at the ALL
, 246 Market St., Lowell.

You should come if you missed it in December, and help us
publicise it by printing out flyers,
and letting people know. You can link to the concert
, or to the program
from December
, or to a recorder
playing clip
or a vocal
clip, or
vocal clip

The bad news is that those of us who are performing need the
rehearsal time on Tuesday, since it’s hard to all get together any
other time, so there will not be a dropin meeting on Tuesday,
January 26. Regular dropin meetings will resume on February 2, at
8:45 PM at my place.

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