Daikon radish purée with sesame oil

This is one of the first ideas I stumbled on when I started
getting a farm share, and having vegetables I hadn’t thought of
cooking arriving in a box. I like daikon radish fine in small
quantities in stir fries or roasts, but if you have a meal-sized
portion, I think it’s good to take some of the bite out of it.

I braise it in water to cover (a lot will evaporate before it’s
cooked through). You can use stock if you like, but I don’t find
it necessary.

While it’s cooking to fork tenderness, you cook
some kind of grain to put it on. Here I like something that adds
a bit of flavor. I used quinoa today for lunch. Today, I had
garlic scapes, so I snipped one into small pieces and added it to
the braising liquid, after the daikon was starting to be cooked.

When the daikon is fork tender, you add a generous splash of
sesame oil and season with salt and pepper, and then mash it up however you
would make mashed potatoes. I use my Cuisinart
Smart Stick Hand Blender

I don’t usually have enough daikon radish to make this for
company, but the one time I did, they raved about it.


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