I have arrived

[dorm room ]

Budget dorm room at Amherst

At the Amherst Early Music Festival at Connecticut College in
New London, Connecticut.

The dorm room is a bit spartan — no mirror on the wall, no
hangars in the closet, no wastebasket. There are two power
outlets and an ethernet connection, but the ethernet connection is
10 feet from the nearest power outlet. So at the moment, I’m
trusting the wireless ethernet, since I know the battery on this
machine gets hungry fast.

But for compensation, the acoustics for playing Renaissance
instruments are wonderful.

I met the cornetto teacher (Stephen Escher) seems to be
pleasant, and not freaked out by having a serpent player.

An improvement on previous years is that they posted the class
schedules before the orientation session. The have indeed given
me 4 brass classes.

So it looks good so far. I’ll tell you more when I’ve met the

[serpents unpacked]

Serpents unpacked

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