Kindle, Wine, DRM

I finally broke down and bought a Kindle book. I don’t approve
of this behavior, but it was a book (Among Others) by a writer (Jo Walton) I’ve enjoyed
reading free (on and from
the library) quite a bit, and it was well reviewed by a number of
people I trust. And it hasn’t yet appeared on Kobo, and my account on Barnes and Noble is so well protected I can’t log into
it. (I seem to have used some odd password, and when you ask them
to let you change it, they don’t give you enough tries to guess
the capitalization and punctuation you used for the city of your
birth before disabling the account.)

I have yet to succeed in breaking the DRM, although I have
hopes that there’s some combination of the tools in this
which will do it for me.

But thanks to this page, I
have KindleForPC working under wine. The lib32nss-mdns package is
neither present nor necessary on Ubuntu, and everything else
Just works.

So it isn’t quite the same as buying a book yet, but I can read
it on either a linux laptop or my Android phone.

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