News of the week of January 18, 2011

Note new format of the subject/title. Someone said it was stupid
to call something a report on the meeting and then include other
things besides what happened at the meeting. So you are warned
that there may be other things at the bottom of the email besides
what happened at the meeting. Most of you probably already knew

Report on the meeting

We played:


We will meet as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

Starting in March, the meetings will be limited to people who
want to perform with us, but until then they will be open to
people who want to drop in.

Other events

There are several concerts this weekend which include “our”

Saturday I’ll be going to the Viols and
Dowland concert at 8 PM in Lindsey Chapel, First
Church in Cambridge, Congregational.

is doing a program of Music for Voices and Viols by Byrd, Gibbons,
and Tomkins on both Saturday and Sunday.

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