News of the week of February 8, 2011

We played:


For the month of February, we will be having dropin meetings as
usual, at 7:45PM on Tuesdays at my place.

We have again been asked to play at the Walk for Hunger this
year, and I have said we will.

In March and April, the meetings will be limited to people who
want to perform with us, at either or both of our NEFFA workshop on Saturday April
16 or the Walk for
on May 1.


For those of you who were worried about him on Tuesday, he is
indeed quite sick. Yesterday, he was refusing both food and
water, and needing major assistance to get up stairs, and I was
sure this was the end.

He isn’t out of the woods yet, but he’s been getting up more,
and drinking water and chicken broth and at least smelling regular
food. He walked up the stairs to the front door, and needed only
a little help with the stairs up to the first floor.

In any case, we are all mortal, and Sunny looks like he will
demonstrate this before most of the rest of us do, so if anyone
feels the need to say, “Goodbye,” I’m sure he’ll be glad to see you.

I won’t clutter up this list with more reports on Sunny’s
condition, but if you’re interested in hearing regularly, let me

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