News of the week of March 1, 2011

Meeting report

We played:

  • Charlton, A bouquet of Inventions
  • lots of Ravenscroft


  • Dropin meetings on Tuesday at 7:45 PM at my place
  • NEFFA worshop, 9 PM, Saturday, April 16
  • Tuesday, April 19 and 26, rehearsals for Walk for Hunger
  • May 1, Walk for Hunger performance
  • After that, return to dropin meetings on Tuesdays.


I can’t get anyone in for free any more, but if you’re at NEFFA on Saturday, please come
play and sing Ravenscroft with us, and bring all your friends.

We have six people signed up for the Walk for Hunger — we
could do with one or two more, especially if they sing bass and/or
play a bass instrument, including recorder. We’ll be doing mostly
and Holborne,
with a few of our favorite May or Spring songs. I’m only
requiring two rehearsals this year, but if you want to play with
us, you should let me know, and start coming on Tuesdays when you
can make it.

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