News of the week of May 24, 2011

Meeting report

We played:

  • Morley, Where
    art thou, wanton?
  • Hoffman, The Gilgamesh Cantata, Part IV
  • Lots of Holborne
  • Stefanov, Laura’s Band
  • Purcell, Cakes and Ale


As far as I know, we’ll be having dropin meetings on Tuesdays
as usual (7:45 PM, my place) until the week of BEMF (June 14), when we will not be

Plans for the near future

We have finished with the Hoffman for the time being.

We have only about 8 more Holbornes to read through, and 2 or
three Morleys. So we may well finish the “helping Laura publish”
mission for this Spring, and be able to get back to playing
whatever we want. Although I’ll soon be doing more transcribing
for John Tyson’s improv class, which we’ll want to play.

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