News of the week of May 31, 2011

Rehearsal Report

We played:

  • Gervais, 8 bransles do Poictou
  • Morley, What ayles my darling
  • Lots of Holborne
  • Sermisy, Quand je bois

Next week

Next week we expect to finish playing through both the Holborn
(about 5 more) and the Morley Canzonets for three voices (2
more). If you have a copy of Holborne and are coming, please
remember to bring it. I am attempting to print another guest copy
(last week we needed two and had one, although there were no real
guests), but I may not manage it.

After that

The following week, June 14, will be the Boston Early Music Festival. I’ll
be going to the King’s
Singers Concert
, so we won’t be rehearsing.

After that, I don’t know of any reason to not have regular
dropin rehearsals for a while on Tuesdays at 7:45 PM at my place.

There’s a performance opportunity at the Boston Wort Processors Pig Roast on
Sunday, June 26. The festivities start at 1 or 2 PM, so we’d
probably play mid to late afternoon. Let me know if you want to
come — I’ll have to sign you up as my guest a few days before the

We’ve talked about having a party some time after BEMF, so we
can advertise it on the back of the flyer. I haven’t heard a lot
of people say they want to do this, or tell me when they can. If
I still haven’t heard more enthusiasm by the end of this week, I
won’t bother scheduling it.

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