Globe interview with Kristian Bezuidenhout

The Boston Globe kicks off
its BEMF coverage with an
with Kristian Bezuidenhout.

Mostly a “how did you get into this wierd stuff” interview, but
a little bit of a preview of the four concerts he’ll be playing

The interview is also interesting for the quote from BEMF
executive director Kathleen Fay:

If schedules permitted, I’d present Kristian at every single biennial Boston Early Music Festival and in every annual concert series from now until the end of time…

I’ve always suspected that what the BEMF management really
wanted was to find sure-fire performers they could just hire all
the time, instead of the goal those of us stuck in Boston would
like them to have, of showing what’s really happening in the early
music world in all its variety.

I think this goes a long way towards explaining the lack of
brass and reeds, and the opera staging that looks the same every time.

I also spent some time trying to decide whether I’d hire the photographer who took the picture that goes with the article. It’s a good-looking picture, but two years ago, he certainly didn’t look anything like that.

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