Musical Intelligencer review of Acis and Galatea

Is here.

Joseph E. Morgan makes some good points about how demanding
BEMF can be of its audiences:

In all it was a wonderful concert that I enjoyed immensely.

Unfortunately however, several members of the audience around me did not. As part of my preparation for this review I did some research concerning the opera’s plot, music and libretto — preparation that is generally not expected of a concert-going audience. And yet, in a move that only be ascribed to their ambition to sell as many of their $10 “yearbooks” as possible (which included the complete libretto), BEMF did not distribute the typical program book for the performance. Instead they handed out single-page flyers that listed only the performers and sponsors. Coupled with the lack of supertitles, this left too many of the audience members completely ignorant as to what was happening on the stage before them. Despite the singers’ excellent diction, it is really rather difficult to make out a text in operatic performance — even if it is in English. Because of this several people left at intermission and I doubt that they will return next year.

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