Concert Announcement: March 25

The Cantabile Renaissance Band will be performing
“Shakespeare’s neighbors: an evening with Thomas Morley, William
Shakespeare, and others” on Sunday, March 25 at 7pm at the 263
Gallery, 263 Pearl St., Cambridge, MA.

This performance will include the complete Morley Canzonets
to three voyces
, interspersed with readings from
Romeo and Juliet, Phillip Sidney, and The
by Tasso.

For more details, see the concert

There’s a flyer you can print and paper your neighborhood with and
give to all your friends.

We are trying to set up other performances of this program,
which I will announce on this list as we finalize the
arrangements. If you have an idea for somewhere West or South of
the central metropolitan Boston area where we could do it, let me know.

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