Report on the March 18 concert

How did it go

The short answer is that everybody had a good time.
Unfortunately, the camera got packed up before the party got
going, so you can’t see the audience and performers staying around
to continue to enjoy themselves, or the glass harmonica party
music provided by our hostess, Vera Meyer.

A longer answer is that the performers agreed that we had done
a lot of good things musically, but had missed a few things that
we wanted to do. And we agreed that we’ve gotten really good at
recovering from mistakes, and we wished we could get a bit better
at not making the mistakes in the first place.

The bottom line is that I was catching myself smiling about it
for most of the next two days.

What it sounded like

mine eyes

learns by laughing

So if this looks like fun…

Come on Sunday, March 25, 2012, to the repeat performance at Gallery 263, 263 Pearl
St., Cambridge, MA.
It might be even better than last Sunday.

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