News of the week of December 4, 2012

Meeting Report

We played:


We will be having dropin meetings as usual on Tuesdays
at 7:45pm at

my place

. Christmas, December 25 will be an exception, and the
January 1 meeting will be replaced by a party.


There are invitations in two formats:

foldable into quarter-page,


two-sided, with a Cantabile Band flyer on the back


Print them out and give them to all your friends who might be

As I said last week, let me know if you intend to come, especially if
you’re bringing something useful, but also feel free to drop in.

I will apply for parking consideration, if I can find a browser/os
combination that knows how to run the online application form. But I
suspect it isn’t necessary, and they just treat New Years Day as a
Sunday, the way the do Thanksgiving. There will be parking permits
around if you’re nervous about it.

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