News of the weeks of February 5 and February 12, 2013

Meeting report February 5

We played:

Meeting report February 12

We played:


We will be meeting regularly on
Tuesday nights at 7:45 PM at

my place


Walk for Hunger

I now have our official invitation to play the

Walk for Hunger

at the
same time and place as the last several years.

I will need to know by the March 5 rehearsal who is planning to play.
As for the last couple of years, only the last two
rehearsals before the walk are compulsory, but you will need to come
to enough of the other rehearsals in March and April to learn the

As anyone who has planned events knows, I can’t tell you the details
of what we’ll be doing until I know who’s going to be doing it.
Basically the commitment is:

  • To learn the music we decide on in March and April.
  • To come to the final two rehearsals in April. This means a regular
    rehearsal on Tuesday April 23, and one some time in the week or April 28.
    Because I will be working at the election on April 30, we may try
    to schedule the final rehearsal at some other time, and possibly
    even some other place, since rehearsing indoors for an outdoor
    performance is sub-optimal. We will schedule this rehearsal when
    we know who needs to come.
  • To play two 1-hour sets, with at least a half hour break between
    them on Sunday, May 5, at the beautiful site on the banks of the
    Charles River, some time between 10 AM and 3 PM. This has usually
    meant being at the site between 11:30 AM and 3 PM, but this time
    can be modified slightly for the convenience of the performers. If
    you don’t have at least three and a half hours free on May 5, this
    is the wrong performance to sign up for.

In addition, rehearsal discipline is a bit tighter when we’re being a
performing group than when we’re being a dropin group. Performers should
expect to show up for rehearsals on time, to let me know whether
they’re coming or not, and to bring the music and instruments they
will be performing on.

There’s also a possibility of scheduling a second performance of the music
we learn for the Walk, but that’s another thing we schedule when we
know more about who is doing what.

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