Drying your extra tomatoes

Some weeks ago, the farm share offered a 25 pound box of
tomatoes for $13, so I took it.

I ate tomato salads, and put tomatoes into everything else I
cooked but there were still lots of tomatoes, and some of them
were starting to get soft.

Of course, you can can them, but that’s always seemed like a
lot of work, so I read recipes for a while and ended up with the
oven dried tomatoes in Mark
Bittman’s How to cook everything

You set the oven to 225̣ (degrees Fahrenheit) and cut the
tomatoes in half and put them on a wire rack over a cookie sheet
and leave them overnight, or until they’re as dry as you want
them. If they aren’t the kind of shoe leather you buy in the
store, you put them in the refrigerator.

I tried using the broiler pan, and that didn’t work as well as
the wire rack, so for the second batch I only used the rack.

So now I have dried tomatoes that I can just chop up a couple
to add tomato flavor to anything I want. They chop easier than
the shoe leather. I added a few to the ratatouille
I made last night, and it was a good idea.


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