Greens for Breakfast

If you’re single and you get a Farm Share, it’s more vegetables
than you can possibly eat. Of course, you use some up by
entertaining more, and bringing vegetables everywhere you go, and
giving some to the people who feed you. But you still end up with
more vegetables than you can eat, and you feel like you should be
eating some at every meal.

I haven’t usually eaten vegetables at breakfast. The rest of
the day I can cheerfully make a meal on a large salad with some
cheese or bacon or something to add a little bit of protein. But
at breakfast, I really want some carbohydrates.

The current farm share includes eggs, so that’s easy to eat at
breakfast, but I find I don’t like just eggs for breakfast, and if
I add toast, it’s pretty easy to go over the amount of calories I

So I have a new standard recipe for when I have greens that want to be
cooked and already cooked rice. This idea came to me when I was
reading Cooking for Geeks, although the current
implementation comes closer to the one in The Microwave
by Barbara Kafka.

Recipe for greens and rice with microwave poached egg

Take a microwave safe pan about 6 inches in diameter. Put a
layer of cooked rice on the bottom.

Cover that with a layer of greens. Any kind that you
liked wilted or really cooked is ok.

Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon over that.

Drizzle olive oil over that.

Put in microwave oven for two to 5 minutes, depending on
whether you want the greens just wilted or more thoroughly

Make a well in the center of the pan, and crack an egg into
it. (You can use more eggs if you like, but you will have to
adjust the timing.) Pierce the yolk with a sharp knife two or
three times.

Microwave on high for three minutes.


You will find you like some greens better than others for this
purpose, but with enough lemon juice and olive oil, anything
tastes pretty good. Arugula is one of my favorites for this.

Barbara Kafka has dire warnings about what happens if you
forget to pierce the egg yolk, but her eggs may be different from
mine, because I forget quite frequently and have only had a small
explosion once.

This is the breakfast version. When I’m making it for later or
for company, I
add herbs and flavorings like hot sauce and tomato paste and
sometimes some cheese.

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