Report on the week of September 30, 2013

We played:


Next week, October 8, we will deviate from our usual format.
Some people want to go see Marilyn Horne teach a masterclass in
Jordan Hall at 7 PM. Other people will be rehearsing for the
Harvard Square English Country Dance at 7:45 pm at my place. The
Masterclass is free and open to the public. The Country Dance
rehearsal is open to anyone who likes playing English Country
Dance music, but one assumes that if you want to play it on
Tuesday, you would also like to play the
actual dance on
Friday, October 11 at Harvard-Epworth Church.

That link has a
list of the tunes we will be working on. They’re all in Barnes (I
or II); let me know in advance if you’re coming and won’t be able to bring your books.

After that we will resume our usual schedule, meeting on
Tuesdays at 7:45 at my place.

Other Playing Opportunity

I think I haven’t pushed the West Gallery Quire
lately — if you sing or play a melody instrument, you should try
it out. Sunday, October 13, will be a particularly good day to do
since Sheila and Edwin Macadam, two of the leaders of the West
Gallery rediscovery, will be leading the group.

Other partying opportunities

If you vote in Cambridge, I’m having a get-together at 7pm on Wednesday, October 9 for City
Council candidate Dennis Carlone.

The Boston Wort Processors
will be having their annual cider picnic on Sunday, October 20 at
noon. Let me know if you’d be interested in going and maybe doing
some playing. It’s in Amesbury, so we’d probably want to

A note on this week’s transcriptions

Xavier Verhelst, who did a lot of transcription for the edition
of Ortiz
that John Tyson and I did,
sent me the edition he’s done recently of Constanze Festa’s
Il Primo Libro de Madrigale. His editions are done
with Sibelius (which I can’t read), and don’t have barlines, but do
come as a score, so to use it in our group, I used a web service
called Partifi to get the
individual parts.

If we end up working on some of them, I will probably
transcribe them in our usual format, but for running through them
to see if we like them, this is good.

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