Waiting for Godot

[Estragon and Vladimir]
Gary Lydon and Conor Lovett as Estragon and Vladimir in the Arts Emerson/Gare Saint Lazare production of “Waiting for Godot”

It’s apparently “GAH – doh”, not “goh – DOH”. I had always
pronounced it in the French way, but the Irish troupe I saw play
it last night englished it.

It was the Arts
Emerson presentation of the Gare Saint Lazare players
it. It was riveting, although I can’t explain exactly why.
Peter Hall, who directed the first London production in 1955,
apparently wasn’t sure it would be until it opened.

One critic (Vivian Mercier) said “Waiting for
is a play in which nothing happens, twice.” With
good players, it turns out that that can be really funny,
especially the second time.

It looks from the audience I saw last night that theater is
doing better with young audiences than early music.

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