Before Midnight

One of my reactions to this
was, “They’re 41 and they think that’s
midnight?” But maybe there will be another one, when
they’re really old, like 61, that will be After Midnight.

If you liked Before
and Before
, you’ll like this one, too. It might even be a little
bit better than the others, as the actors and maybe other crew
members have learned things.

They’re all the story of a couple who meet on a train when
they’re in their early twenties in the first movie, meet again in
their thirties in the second movie, and have an emotional day
together as a married couple in their forties. They’re all very
conversational, like some of the Eric Rohmer ones from the 60’s.
(Ma nuit chez Maude was the one I discovered.)

There are three major scenes — one between Ethan Hawkes and
his son by his first marriage, whom he’s putting on a plane to
go back to his mother; one at the dinner table among the writers
and their wives and children who’ve been spending the summer
together in Greece; and a very long one between the couple, who
have been given a night together in a hotel without the
children, and with a bottle of good wine. They’re all really
pretty interesting, and the couple manage to be both very angry
and very attractive in the way we want romantic movies to show us.

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