News of the week of March 11, 2014

Meeting report: March 11, 2014

We played:


We will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays on 7:45 pm at my place.

Please remember that with as few regular attenders as we have
right now, we especially appreciate dropin members, but we also
really appreciate them letting us know by Tuesday morning if
they’re dropping in.

We now have the cast of characters for the April 6th
at the
Community Church of
. The April 1 meeting
will be limited to, and compulsory for, the people playing the service.

We will also be playing on May 4 at the Walk for Hunger. We’ll
probably repeat a lot of the April 6 repertoire there, so if you
want to play at the Walk, you should let me know, and start coming
to as many rehearsals as possible. The organizers are bugging me
now for how many t-shirts we want, so if you’re at all interested,
let me know in the next week. We’ll probably play most of what
we’re playing at the church service and start adding more stuff
after that, so it isn’t too soon to start coming to rehearsals.
It’s likely that we’ll make the April 29 meeting limited to and
compulsory for the people playing at the Walk.

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