News of the week of June 24, 2014

At the meeting of June 17, we played the
Nomine à 5
for our new piece.

Meeting report, June 24

We played:


Being dogless at the moment, I’m doing some traveling this
summer. So we will be meeting as usual on Tuesdays at 7:45pm at
233 Broadway, Cambridge, except maybe when I’m not here.

The Tuesdays I won’t be here are July 15, August 5 and August
12. If there’s a critical mass of people who want to meet, the
meetings will happen. We can arrange for them at my place, or
possibly some other group member will want to host.

I’ll be surprised if there’s a critical mass on August 5, when
Francis Roads will be leading a West Gallery Quire
Workshop at 7:30 that day. But if you want to come to a
Cantabile meeting any of those days, let me know, and I’ll try to
set something up.

Other events

The 7 Hills
Renaissance Wind Band
will be playing on the SOHIP Concert Series next

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