News of the week of July 22, 2014

Meeting report

We played:


We will meet as usual on July 28 at 7:45 pm at 233 Broadway,

We will not meet on August 5. Consider going to the West Gallery workshop
by Francis Roads,

I will be in Spain on August 12. Stuart has offered to host a
meeting at his house in Somerville. Let him know if you want to
come, and he’ll post a message to the list if there’s a critical

After that, we will resume our usual Tuesday night meetings.

Performance opportunity

We have been asked to play at the Women’s Lunch Place from
11am to noon on Friday, August 22. Let me know if you’re
interested in playing. I would expect anyone who wants to play to
also come to the meeting on Tuesday, August 19, and we can decide
on repertoire when we know who we have.

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